Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Op Panthers Claw: Colonel Frank Lissner, Commanding Officer of the Danish Battlegroup

Siezing the entry crossings along the Nahr E Bughra Canal - 2 and 8 July 2009

Our role in Operation Panchai Palang was to seize two of the crossing points along the Nahr e Bughra to allow the Light Dragoons Battlegroup to enter an area which was under the de facto control of the insurgents.

Prior to Panchai Palang, the insurgents in the region have skillfully and determinedly resisted any attempt by the Danish Battle Group to patrol in the area; both through fierce fighting and extensive use of improvised explosive devices, blocking all access points into the area. It had become a safe haven for the insurgents from where they launched attacks on both local Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) checkpoints and objectives in Gereshk.

Soldiers from Battle Group Center have, for the last year, both risked and lost lives patrolling in and around the operations area, and the Battle Group therefore very much welcomes the developments on the ground brought about by Panchai Palang.

This operation could indeed turn out to be the beginning of the end for the insurgents in Central Helmand.

Following the cessation of fighting in the northern areas, most of the local population has now returned to their homes and have welcomed the ISAF forces in the area. Our task is now to assure enduring security within the area assisted by ANSF, local key leaders and the population.

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