Monday, June 1, 2009

Colour Sergeant Mike Saunders, 2 MERCIAN, blogs from Helmand - Part 12

If you are reading this letter today know that we are in great sadness. On Thursday morning those who oppose all that we strive to make, took from us the life of one of our brothers.

Truly if there is to be a road to peace in this land of much trouble, the foundations will have been cast by those who have fallen in the pursuit of a higher ideal.
For those of us left behind we are duty bound to bear witness to all they have done. In that telling there is no place to recall how they died, yet speak only of how they have lived, as to do so is to gift them a future in place of that which was stolen.

Too soon, we will send our friend home and as we stand as one he will pass us one last time. With heads held high and with heavy hearts we must give him back to those who have loved him most.

Treat this soldier's memory with kindness, remember not those things that made him less than he was and rather in the quiet times recall all that was good in him.

For his family there are no kind words, or the wishes of the great and the good that can lessen the torment of this most final grief, hold them in your thoughts for who has given more yet asked for less.
He was someone's son, he was a soldier, he was a friend, guard his memory well. And as we stand as a body of men to repatriate the body with the highest of respect, we will stand alongside all the races and creeds which comprise the British Army and all the different tribes which comprise the Afghan National Army.
Regardless of background, we will be united in our respect for a fallen brother. The purpose of our deployment to this country is to achieve a united Afghanistan; it is a parody that this is achieved though violent action and the loss of our brethren.
The enemies of freedom and peace have sought to weaken us this day, but their actions have strengthened our resolve and we will not be moved from our mission. For this week I will say no more, but rather give respectful silence in the memory of the fallen. Next week I will write again when I will tell you of more actions of your Mercian Regiment.



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  2. That was incredibly moving; particularly comforting for the young man's family, I would hope, to know that he was cared for.

    One of your boys has just been repatriated, together with the Welsh Guards officer, via Wootton Bassett and was welcomed with sadness and respect.

    I do hop you know that the majority of the British public hold you guys in esteem, whatever they may think of the War.

    To read a blog such as yours makes me extremely proud to be British, knowing that we have the best Armed Forces in the world.

    Thank you all for all you do!!

    Jayne xx